‘We Were Liars’ Lied About How Good This Book Would Be

We Were Liars
‘We Were Liars’ by E. Lockhart


Candence: In the beginning of the book Candence finds herself being the perfect Sinclair. She acts ‘normal’ when her mom tells her too, smiles when she’s told and doesn’t talk about the things she isn’t supposed too. After an accident that happens she starts acting differently. She dyes her hair, questions things that happen in the family and just doesn’t care what people think. Candence can be a little self-absorbed when it comes to her problems and she finds herself wanting people to feel bad for her. I wasn’t the biggest fan of Candence she lived a very privileged life but she wasn’t grateful for any of it and took it all for granted. She’s SO focused on her problems that she doesn’t even notice the things around her.

Gat, is from India and he knows the Sinclair family because his dad is dating Johnny’s mom. He’s passionate and interested about the world. He asks a lot questions and talks about the topics that people don’t want to talk about. Gats not afraid to tell the truth and to call people out when there doing something. After spending summers with the Sinclair’s and living his normal life in New York he becomes really aware of what society’s like. Gat was my favorite character. He was so real and genuine. Even though he made some mistakes in the past he tries to make up for it.


The plot wasn’t as strong as I would have liked it to be. There were some random and unnecessary chapters that had nothing to do with anything in the book. The plot switched in-between flashbacks and reality. The only problem was that you couldn’t always tell whether it was a flashback or reality. Candence spends most of the book trying to figure out what happened during the summer fifteen before the accident. While she tries to put the missing pieces of her life together she also faces problem wither her family: her aunts are always fighting, her grandfather is manipulating everyone and The Liars are keeping secrets from her.


The romance between Candence and Gat starts at a young age. When they first meet they instantly click. As they grow older so does their connection. Candence finds herself falling in love with Gat and its sweet. Even though she loves Gat so much, there are times where a Gat hurts her and she hurts him. Candence and Gat face a couple of problems in their relationship, one being Cancence’s grandfather. HE doesn’t like the idea of Gat and Candence together.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I rate this book a 3.5. The only character I really liked was Gat. Even though Candence doesn’t want to be a snob and she doesn’t like being rich, she was a self-absorbed snob but didn’t even realize it. She didn’t know the names of the people who worked at their house and they’ve worked there for years. She only really focused on her problems. The plot wasn’t that great and the way the author formatted the book was a bit strange. I feel like there where some parts of the book that was full of detail and another not so much. The one thing that took me by surprise was the ending of the book. It surprised me and was so unpredictable. This book  sadly does not win the ‘rose’. I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, you’ve just been reviewed.

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