‘Choosing Me’ Was Not Chosen

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‘Choosing Me’ by Bill Webber.


“Sex… Bombarded with imagery in advertising, on TV, in the movies, sex has become commonplace and ordinary. Even in our romantic relationships, we have too often let the flames of passion die to a flicker.

Yet sex is naturally healthy, good for loving relationships, and even spiritually enriching. Rendered in exquisite language, the poems in this volume open new windows into the sensual magic and mystery of sexual pleasure. They allow us to rediscover the sacredness of both the body and the act of lovemaking.

Inspired to write these poems by a desire to express the depths of meaning and the physical expression of making love, poet Bill Weber paints vivid pictures in words that far transcend old clich�s and masterfully express the transcendent dimensions of sexual pleasures”

Rose-Worthy Features

While reading there were a lot of sweet poems. Some of my favorites were ‘Radiance’ and ‘With You’. Both of these poems were fun to read and I could tell that the author really loves his wife in these poems.

I liked the reasons why the author wrote this poem. Its about the love he shares with his wife and I think thats lovely.  Its clear that he loves his wife and I thought it was sweet to write a book about their love. 

Thorny Features

Honestly, even though there were some poems that I liked there were others that were just ok. There were a lot of repetition of the words ‘feminity and ‘feminine’, even though I could tell that he wanted to express his love for wife through these poems, some were a bit cringe and awkward to read.

While reading there are photos of flowers on each page and I couldn’t see the connection they had with the poems. There was one poem called ‘Women and Trees’ and it had a picture of leaves up in a tree, which connects but there were others like ‘Holding Hands’ where it had a picture of a flower and I couldn’t see the connection. 

Final Thoughts

Overall, I rate this book a 2.5 out of 5. I liked the idea of this book but I think it could have been presented a little differently. I would still recommend reading this book because there were some nice poems. Sadly this book is next book to be kicked off, make sure to subscribe to find out which book will be kicked off next! I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, you’ve just been reviewed.


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