Book Review: ‘Peter Pan’ by Jenni James



“Peter Pan needs help, and he’s convinced the effervescent Wendy Darling is just the girl to champion his cause. Ever since the mischievous fairy Tinker Bell began recruiting—more like, snatching—boys from London’s orphanages to take them to a magical place called Neverland, things have gotten out of hand. Captain Hook has only become more violent and the boys more lost as their memories of life before Neverland begin to fade. Peter’s only hope is to get the boys back to England and help bring balance to Neverland before Hook’s dangerous escapades kill them all.

Wendy is not quite certain why such a handsome young man would need her—especially a lad who clearly has a touch of madness in him. What boy learns to fly? But whatever the reason, home life has become too much for her now that her parents are hoping she marries an acquaintance she can barely abide. There is something about Peter Pan that intrigues her greatly, and then there is this magical world he talks about, this Neverland . . .”

Rose-Worthy Features

            I loved Wendy and Peter! Wendy in the book was so much more strong wilded and mature compared to the children movie/ book. Peter was also this sweet charismatic guy but I loved how the author kept his childish personality. I think they both were great characters.

            The plot was very similar to the original but begins to have different twist as the book went on. This book is a fast read and I think the plot made me read the book a lot faster than I expected to.

            This book made my childhood dream come true! Wendy and Peter were together! I loved how they were both so different but it made their relationship work out amazingly.

            While reading this book it brought great memories I had while watching the movies with my brother and sister and overall every word brought a smile to my face.

Final Thoughts

            Overall, I rate this book a 5 out of 5. It was entertaining and sweet. This book is filled with adventure and I’m so happy to find out that there is a second book so I can read more about Wendy and Peter’s adventures together. I loved how the author stuck some of the original scenes but also added her own. It made the book interesting and more exciting to read because I didn’t always know what was going to happen. This is a fun fast read and I definitely recommend reading! I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, you’ve just been reviewed.

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