Book Review: “Fate Foretold” by Jaliza A. Burwell

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“Fate Foretold” by Jaliza A. Burwell


“For two years Adalyn Kabos has avoided death.

Among the gifted, she’s different, and a powerful man knows this. As Adalyn uses her Seer gift to stay ahead of her enemies, she runs into the arms of four men. While she should rejoice that they’re more than willing to help, there’s only one problem.

They’ll die too.

Now it’s a race against Fate as Adalyn pushes her gift further. Will she be able to prevent the deaths of her new friends, or will all of them fall victim to those filled with greed?”

Rose-Worthy Features

                The idea of this book seemed very intriguing from the start. The whole concept of a girl who has this power that everybody wanted, seemed oddly interesting to read about, kind of similar to ‘Apprentice of Magic’. I liked seeing Adalyn grow more confident in her power and not fear it as much as she did at the beginning of the book.

            I liked the plot of this book. It was simple and not overly complicated. There were some moments where I was completely engrossed and others not so much. Sometimes the point of view changed from Adalyn to one of the boys, but that didn’t happen that many times when it did, I found it interesting to read. The end of the book definitely speed up, and a lot more was happening. There were a lot of actions scenes which were fun to read and overall, the plot was fine.

            I liked the mixed personalities that all the characters had. There was Colton who was very intimidating and quiet. Eli who was sweet and calm while DJ was this funny quirky guy. Lastly Jackson who was smart but has this dark past. The main character Adalyn was somewhat interesting, but if I’m being nitpicky she was kind of boring. There were moments where I was kind of annoyed at her but for most of the book, I didn’t mind her.

Thorny Features

            Ok, little rant here but what was this relationship between Colton, Eli, Jackson, DJ, and Adalyn? At first, I thought “Oh wow there all friends, nice” but NOPE there some weird connection between all of them! Adalyn was kind of with Jackson, but there were also some steamy moments between Adalyn and Eli. There weren’t any real romantic moments between Adalyn, Colton, and DJ, but towards the end of the book, it was implied that they ALL have some sort of connection. I wasn’t a big fan of the relationships in this book just because it was kind of confusing and I wasn’t really sure which way this book was going.

Final Thoughts

            Overall, I rate this book a 3 out of 5. So this book was interesting for the most part, but the relationship portion of this book kind of ruined this book for me. It was just kind of confusing and I didn’t really know which way the author wanted me to look at the relationship. The characters were fun to read about I loved the different personalities. Honestly, I have mixed feeling about this book. Yes, I liked it for the most part, but there were also things I didn’t like, hint hint the relationship! I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, you’ve just been reviewed.

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