Book Review: “Apprentice of Magic” by K.M. Shea

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“Apprentice of Magic” by K.M. Shea


“Angelique hates her magic.

Her time in the magical academy has been a long chain of criticisms, reprimands, and punishments. Her war-like ability to control any weapon has earned her nothing but the fear and scorn of fellow students and instructors.

And now, she finds herself before the highest council just one vote away from having her magic sealed forever.

Until Enchanter Evariste appears.

The mysterious prodigy is one of the few with the authority to go against the Council. Which is exactly what he does when he takes Angelique as his apprentice. Though his lessons are challenging and eccentric he shows her more kindness than she ever hoped to receive.

Everything seems perfect.

But things are changing in the world. Dark things. Evil things.

Once upon a time is about to become very real…

Apprentice of Magic is an epic fantasy fairy tale adventure mixed with clean romance and humor.

This new series is a companion to the bestselling Timeless Fairy Tales series.”

Rose-Worthy Features

            Jumping straight into the characters I’m going, to be honest, and say that I didn’t mind them, but I wasn’t obsessed with them. Angelique was a perfectionist and had a sense of ambition, but besides that, she was plain. I found it kind of hard to connect to her character and even though there were times where I liked her, there were moments where I wanted to scream, “STAND UP FOR YOURSELF”. On the other hand, I liked Evariste a lot more than I liked Angelique. He was friendly, outgoing and even childlike at times. There were moments where I just wanted to hug Evariste because seemed so sweet!

            The plot took me a while to get completely engaged in it. The beginning of this book seemed boring, and it took a lot of perseverance to get through the beginning. I’m at least glad I did because, towards the end of the book, I got a lot more invested in what was happening. The action increased, and I found myself not wanting to put the book down.

Thorny Features

            Something I wasn’t a huge fan of was the major time skips! I would finish a chapter, and then it would be like, “two years later”. WHAT! I just finished a chapter and all of a sudden time has skipped. It happened a lot throughout this book, and I wasn’t a big fan of it.

            One thing I wished was explored more was the relationship between Evariste and Angelique. They had some cute moments before an event (lol no spoilers here) happened. Evariste would flirt a little with Angelique and Angelique being Angelique didn’t get it. I’m definitely not someone who loves instant love, but it felt a little too slow for this relationship. They didn’t even star flirting until the last couple of chapters.

            Talking about the plot again, but it didn’t really have a structure. There was Angelique being afraid of her powers and slowly starting to trust herself, but there wasn’t really a main conflict.

Final Thoughts

            Overall, I rate this book a 2.5. This book wasn’t bad but I wasn’t the biggest fan of it. I loved Evariste! He seemed so nice and outgoing, just a nice character in general. There were some nice aspects that this book had that I did like but there were also a lot that I wasnt a big fan of. Make sure to subscribe for new upcoming post. I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, you’ve just been reviewed.

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