Book Review: “Sudden Frost” by Anna Giblin

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“Sudden Frost” by Anna Giblin


“Sometimes the scariest parts of the world reside in your mind.

A voice has echoed in seventeen-year-old Vivian Frost’s head for years, tormenting her at every turn. While the therapists say it’s a coping mechanism and the nuns sing a far more sinister tune, Vivian just wants to believe it out of existence. When she wakes from a nightmare in excruciating pain, she’s left with three haunting words and no way out.

Something that laid dormant inside her for years is threatening to claw itself out, and change her forever. Will Vivian be able to rise above her limits, or will this inner darkness win?”

Out of all the books I’ve read so far from kindle unlimited “Sudden Frost” was one of the most interesting books but it was also the messiest book.

Rose-Worthy Features

            While reading the synopsis of this book I thought it was kind of interesting that Vivien, has this voice in her head. As creepy as it sounds, to me it made the book so much more unique. Because the author described the voice vaguely I liked how I got to make my own ideas about the voice. I would ask like is the voice a boy or a girl? Is it evil or good? Is Vivien a werewolf and the voice is her wolf? Yeah, the voice popped up a lot of questions in my head.

            I didn’t mind Vivien. She was average. She has her own struggles. Like her insecurities with her adoptive family, her curiosity to know more about the voice in her head but also the feelings that she’s feeling for the boy she just met Aiden. I didn’t mind Vivien but if the book was a little bit longer I would have liked to read more about her.

Thorny Features

            The plot was a HOT MESS! One second Vivien is working with friends then she’s kidnapped by these two guys. Her hair was dyed TWICE, which confused me because it was just random. The conflict didn’t completely connect until the end of the book, which I didn’t mind but I wished everything connected a little bit earlier.

            The romance between Aiden and Vivien seemed to lack chemistry. The talked only a couple times but by the end of the book they were together and I felt SO lost. Were they soulmates? Did I accidently skip a chapter? At first everything felt so slow and they were taking there time but towards the end everything was rushed.

Final Thoughts

            Overall, I rate this book a 1.5 out of 5. Another harsh review. This book had some really interesting moments especially in the beginning but towards the end I found myself getting bored and lost. Things went into overdrive and all of a sudden her and Aiden are together, she finds out who she really is and so much more is revealed but it just happened so fast! This book is REALLY short, 162 pages and all. It was a fast read, I started and finished this book in one day. I might recommend this book but it just depends on what you like. Ok so random fact, I don’t see how the tittle, “Sudden Frost” has to do with the book. Sometimes tittles have nothing to do with the book but this just had NOTHING to do with the book. Anyways I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, you’ve just been reviewed.

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